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    So I can't set breakpoint at DriverEntry. If you cannot match symbols, you could have a hard time figuring out control flow. com Mar 06, 2012 · in windbg and executed the command "windbg -k com:pipe,port=\\. So, for instance, the namespace provider is not the only way to access data; you can still use traditional commands like " ~3 s ", " k ", etc. For x86 to combine IDA and Windbg analysis nothing is required. int is x86 jargon for "trap instruction" - a call to a predefined interrupt handler. to do is to verify this using KD/WINDBG. To control whether WinDbg stops due to the exception, use sxe bpe to stop and sxi bpe to ignore the exception. The thing is, it doesn't work for me. Nov 28, 2017 · WinDbg Menu. Complete Stack Traces from x64 System: WinDbg does that. – bd number: Disable breakpoint identified by number. 0. Filter bar. bpcmds command  To workaround this problem, remove the quarantine extended attribute from the GetDebugger() # Delete our breakpoint (not actually necessary with  16 Mar 2016 All of the examples below will use WinDbg, a multipurpose debugger Now that we're done we can remove the breakpoint we set at the start. line and tell them to start the debugee but break when the debugee process is first created? WinDbg only seems to be able to do its first break on the "initial loader breakpoint" event not the "create process" event. x86 supports the int instruction with a 8-bit operand specifying the number of the interrupt that occurred, so in theory 256 traps are supported. 6. When I installed driver, I noticed that it ran automatically right after being installed. expr will be evaluated each time the breakpoint is hit. sxe ld:agcore. Set a watchpoint that will break when the value of expr is read by the program. Debugger. env-vars DEBUG (lldb) breakpoint delete 1 14 Aug 2019 We will then discuss WinDbg, which can be used for both user mode and If we want to remove the breakpoint, we can repeat the same step  *(gdb) delete 1 delete a breakpoint by number. The reasons are that this debugger is firstly a resource hog. Generic makes it easy to detect when the collection has changed. If you have run WinDbg before and saved any workspaces, you may wish to start with a clean slate by deleting the key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windbg using your favorite registry editor. Sometimes, however, a breakpoint is set at a very busy place in the operating system or a driver, and you may want to apply some conditions or conditional actions so that a) From WinDbg's command line do a !heap -p -h , where is the value returned by HeapCreate. Collections. In this case we removed the breakpoint for send () function just to demonstrate the ‘bc’ command. CLRStack [-a] [-l] [-p] [-n] Apr 22, 2019 · In menu, choose Debug | Break (Ctrl+Break) Now you can use all the power of WinDbg to explore the memory and find the problem. However, this detec- tion is that of the Windbg or Softice and not of VAMPiRE. Page Fault Breakpoints. The real power of WinDbg can be seen when performing kernel debugging, as most of the other debuggers only support user mode code. bl - list breakpoints bc * / bc <breakpoint_id> - clear breakpoint Hi expert! OS: (host) XP sp2, (Target) XP sp2 WinDBG : 6. Setting a Breakpoint in rdpdr In the lower center of WinDbg, execute this command: bp rdpdr!memset May 12, 2000 · 1. You can remove the breakpoint by using the Remove Breakpoint option. The extension allows for easy setup of Intel® PT by abstracting hardware configuration and then reconstructing and displaying execution flow from the collected trace data. 27 Apr 2018 topic online: Debugging Tools for Windows (WinDbg, KD, CDB, NTSD). Software breakpoints are set within WinDBG using the bp, bm, or bu commands. Choosing Edit Breakpoint displays the breakpoint editor, allowing you to set conditions, add actions, and so forth, as mentioned in Breakpoints. DriverEntry has 2x4 byte parameters = 8 bytes + 4 bytes for the return address = 0xC. ) It seems that one should start or load device driver before setting a break See full list on codeproject. Clear breakpoint #. dll, but the actual breakpoints are set using the native address not the MSIL address. Now, start your device (enable it in the Device Manager, Jan 27, 2011 · int 3 in theory. We can remove this grievance off of my list WinDBG is a debugging tool, so will allow us to discover the secrets under the applications and kernel by working with assembly instructions and memory data. Go to menu Tools->Options…, choose Debugging\General in the left panel and uncheck the “ Enable Just My Code (Managed only) ” option: First see get the code for checkout and build instructions. WinDbg and CDB are basically the same with some few exceptions. Dec 24, 2013 · When the breakpoint is reached, the debugger looks at the current memory address, fetches the recorded instruction, and presents it to the user. You can do a !heap -stat or !heap -p to get all heap handles of your process. On the other hand, bu breakpoints persist after repeated unloads and loads. Hit Ctrl-Break. Me and near by colleagues Network Disconnect. But i am not able to set breakpoints in the DLL source files. It explains how to use the sx* commands to break, ignore, or print exceptions/events as  This is called deleting the breakpoint. Jan 15, 2019 · removes any existing condition to (break|watch)point N: cond N expr: adds condition expr to (break|watch)point N. Step 3: Set your symbol path and source path properly. , File -> Symbol Search Path) , to: Similarly, we can view the disassembly, set breakpoints and modify control flow using WinDbg. 4 Stack If you do that, use handle SIGSEGV nostop noprint to disable the handling  GDB allows setting breakpoints on source lines for which no code was generated . This typically happens if you have many unqualified breakpoints that track module load events (created via bu) saved in your workspace. This dialog box lists all breakpoints, and you can use it to disable, enable, or clear existing breakpoints or to set new breakpoints. Break when an object is added or removed from a list Feb 15, 2018 · windbg: breakpoint in CreateFileW hits and executes our script for dumping file name. Sep 19, 2017 · Breakpoint editing. Use the -clear or -clearall option to remove pending breakpoints from the list. Incident Response & Digital Forensics Debugging Extension (SwishDbgExt) Windows Object Explorer 64-bit (WinObjEx64) DbgKit. . Following is the my setup for the same. And it wouldn't be hard to link x64bdg with static VS runtime libs and target WinXP while using all the modern goodies. So, let’s add it back. cdb is capable of setting them and so is sos. As I've mentioned sxe ld:coreclr. This is not a line based breakpoint but looks like a manual call to DebugBreak() like in the following program: #include "stdafx. Launch the application in WinDbg. A breakpoint that has been deleted no longer exists; it is forgotten. 24 Apr 2011 But by adding and removing permissions on memory pages, we can create " breakpoints". Sep 09, 2008 · This video shows some basic commands for using breakpoints in WinDbg. The first is that WinDbg is a GUI and CDB is a console application. 6. The Disassembly window and the Source windows highlight lines that have breakpoints set. – bc * : Clear all breakpoints. continueToLocation. \pipe\pipe2 Complete Driver Folder is shared with my other windows xp pc where I have build Driver. Don t forget to remove this setup by unchecking the debugger check box. Set the environment variable _NT_SYMBOL_PATH , as per Symbol path for Windows debuggers (e. But for a managed app/dll you have to use !bpmd cmd from sos. disable. Code Windows. net, Debugging, Memory Dump analysis, Windbg/CDB, The easiest way to disable JIT debugger is v 26 Aug 2011 Fiddler provides us with a few ways to set breakpoints which I explain below: Now disable your internet access and try the url in your browser again. g. bd. Load Found 8 methods in module 71041000 MethodDesc = 71100b50 MethodDesc = 71100b7c [redacted] If a pending breakpoint has a non-zero module ID, that breakpoint is specific to a function in that particular loaded module. dll load event break point. 5 Interpace : 1394 I have a question. Check out this getting-started tutorial on debugging . You must separate multiple IDs by spaces or commas. Dec 17, 2020 · You can use the "bu" command, this allows to put a breakpoint on the driver entry because those breakpoints are calculated when a driver is loaded. – bc number: Clear breakpoint identified by number. Breakpoints that are set with bu are saved in workspaces. Line-of-code breakpoints are the most common type of breakpoint. bc Breakpoints Parameters. Step 2: WinDbg will show you the instruction your app was executing when it crashed. Since your breakpoints are deleted or disabled, you can continue stepping on that single thread without interruption. exe /i yourApplication. After WinDbg has loaded symbols, run the lm command again (If WinDbg stays “BUSY” for a long time, you can force it to stop its current task by pushing CTRL+Break on your keyboard or by selecting “Debug” and then Break” from the menu bar). Setting a data breakpoint on the ‘Count’ field of classes from System. If that works, the “debugee” computer will freeze. thread-specific breakpoints Is there an equivalent command in GDB to that of WinDbg's "!process 0 7"? GUI based debugger: windbg provides a GUI front end to the command line debuggers for BD (Breakpoint Disable, Temporarily disable a breakpoint. If this argument . Wireshark Integration. I restarted virtual machine and set breakpoint in Windbg with all the following commands: Intel® Debug Extensions for WinDbg* for Intel® Processor Trace (Intel® PT) are designed to help WinDbg* users by extending their debugging tool set with execution tracing. If everything goes well, you’ll be able to break execution by pressing Debug -> Break. be. exe +ust" (without the quotes). Now I can set a break point. With the clear command you can delete breakpoints  DEFCON 27 workshop - Modern Debugging with WinDbg Preview Disable breakpoint(s), bd [IDX] ( IDX is returned by bl ), bd 1 bd *. You can enable, disable, or clear a breakpoint for an instruction address of a frame from the “Old style” WinDbg Extensions: Extensions that call routines in wdbge 6 Sep 2011 Learn how to enable or disable just in Time Debugging also known as JIT debugger. \pipe\COM1,resets=0,reconnect" 4. 1 Jan 2009 However, WinDbg also consumes the following exceptions: Another of the behaviours is to cause the debugger to remove a breakpoint from  Setting a Silverlight 2 Startup Breakpoint using WinDBG. Getting started You can use Visual Studio's built-in debugger or WinDBG to debug Chromium. info watchpoints [list…] This command prints a list of watchpoints, using the same format as info break Breakpoints. Parameters. Apr 25, 2016 · On the other computer, open up WinDbg, click on File -> Kernel Debug and enter port and key. Open a command prompt and navigate to the debugging tools folder (usually C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86). See full list on contextis. Oct 11, 2015 · WinDbg break on process creation and process exit; How to kill or terminate a process in Kernel Debugger? Win32 Mutex, HANDLEs and WinDbg !handle extension. Press Continue (F5) Observe how your first initial step on that first thread completes and now is the active debugging context. In 2017, Microsoft released the WinDBG Preview and increased the level of awesomeness with a beautiful interface (including dark mode!) and really cool features like TTD (Time-Travel • Breakpoint: !bpmd • !bpmd library functionname: set a breakpoint • !bpmd –list: list the current breakpoints • !bpmd -clearall: remove the current breakpoints • Example: 0:000> !bpmd mscorlib. The above efforts are not necessary if we use Windbg. To disable first-chance break on access violation exceptions, select the  through its API to set and/or remove breakpoints at desired locations. Breakpoints that you set with bp are not saved in WinDbg workspaces. However, if a Source window or the Disassembly window is open, the Insert or remove breakpoint (F9) button and the F9 key set a breakpoint on the current line. 29 Dec 2020 DeleteBPX/bpc/bc. Assembly. be * be # [#] [#]. dll (sosex extension also has managed breakpoint support), which is by far more inconvinient to use, and may not give you the · In a similar way, to remove breakpoint number 1 permanently, use bc 1 (“Clear Breakpoint”). exe But WinDbg doesn't seem to honor the "sxe cpr" command on the "first pass". You don't have to remove B and C breakpoints and define them again after going up. In gdb, you can set a breakpoint on a method or function name: (gdb) break breakpoint. For example, ba r4 myVar Jun 26, 2017 · Disable or delete the breakpoint that has been hit by the new thread the debugger switched to. Restarted the target machine. After you set the breakpoint, you will see the breakpoint symbol appear on the left. Posts about WinDbg written by kiewic. Methods. You can specify a range of breakpoint IDs by using a hyphen (-). com And the BU breakpoint is saved in the Windbg workspace, and the breakpoint is automatically set up the next time you start Windbg. 5 (the only one I can find to download on Microsofts site) and I'm trying to debug an application. Delete breakpoint(s), bc   1 Feb 2009 Clear all breakpoints. Enable bp #. If a source window or the disassembly window is not active, you can also press f9 or click the insert or remove breakpoint (f9) button () on the toolbar. Subject: [ntdev] Windbg: Can't set breakpoints Dear Driver Experts, I'm a new windbg user and I'm having a hard time on trying to set a simple breakpoint on my C code. This command is equivalent to pressing ALT+F9. See full list on codeproject. Between these two features, WinDbg becomes ridiculously powerful when it comes to tracing the flow of data through an application. 24 Sep 2007 WinDbg takes a very long time to process module load events, and it is You can use the bc command to delete breakpoints (bc * to remove  Use the qualifier ' thread thread-id ' with a breakpoint command to specify that you only want GDB to stop the program when a particular thread reaches this  26 Nov 2009 Go back to WinDbg. If I need to preserve breakpoints across sessions, I use the . Tagged WinDbg, Windows Leave  can be used to bypass or disable this protections. My issue is all about setting the breakpoint on x64 Windbg. • F2 – Add or remove a breakpoint Simpler to just use WinDbg. The debugger will attempt to resolve all unresolved breakpoints, every time a driver is loaded/unloaded. Nov 09, 2019 · Full Fixes For Exception Breakpoint 0x80000003; A Breakpoint Has Been Reached Updated: November 9, 2019 by Anubhab Chakraborty Leave a Comment Windows 10 is probably the most used operating system in the PC world. exe -c "sxe cpr" notepad. You can specify any number of breakpoints. Control-click the breakpoint in the breakpoint navigator and choose Edit Breakpoint from the pop-up menu to display the breakpoint editor. 23 May 2017 window is open, the Insert or remove breakpoint (F9) button and the F9 key set a breakpoint on the current line. r eip = poi (@esp) -> Set EIP (instruction pointer) to the value found at offset 0x0. UEStudio Debugger. – be number: Enable breakpoint identified by number. NET Framework (“Desktop”) a little bit. Hi, I'm using WinDbg 6. 0017. I am able to see the trace in windbg for MSVAD as given below but the breakpoint is not hitting the source code in host machine. Breakpoints Specifies the ID numbers of the breakpoints to remove. r esp = @esp + 0xC -> Add 0xC to Esp (the stack pointer), effectively unwinding the stack pointer. Next, i execute command "!dumpclass" for getting values for static variables in class: 0:000> !dumpclass 0x02ec4ae4 Class Name : MyClass I also use VirtualKD and Windbg. hierarchical list of functions that led to a breakpoint or interrupted state) Remove Breakpoint X, Disable Breakpoint X, or Enable Breakpoint X This page simply adds the equivalent CDB (Visual Studio / WinDbg) commands, (lldb) settings remove target. Disable all bps. 3. Type the command bc * to remove the breakpoint and after that g to resume the setup. Is it possible to remove warning message: // I do not remove the hardware breakpoint because // I need to perform the trace after the function returns. – bd number : Disable  are saved in windbg workspace. For seasoned windbg users, on the other hand, another goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. To remove breakpoint you need to use the number of the breakpoint in the list. This command creates a user mode stack trace database that will be used later. Regardless of which debugger we use, the debugging features will mostly remain the same. VM Ware image setting: Network Adaptor is set to bridge Serial port is configured as \\. Feb 10, 2019 · In order to verify this, we will put a breakpoint on it. there any way I can unload my driver using WinDbg, so as to enable the target system to 2. enable initial breakpoint in WnDbg; you can go to Device Manager and remove the device (or delete the > > > You are currently subscribed to windbg as: See full list on docs. Executed the command "bu msvad!DriverEntry" in windbg. I need to disable stopping at all first chance exceptions in WinDbg (as we are I have set the WinDbg Symbols path to the DLLs pdb folder, the source path and image path repectivity to the DLL source and image. In addition, when the module is not loaded, the BP breakpoint will fail (because the function address does not exist) and the BU breakpoint can succeed. The new WinDbg will automatically be converted to BU when BP If you add an inaccurate breakpoint or one that you don't need you can remove the breakpoint as below. Dec 24, 2012 · I recently switch to VS 2012 and have started seeing my user mode remote debugger timeout when I'm broken into kernel debugger in WinDbg. I already talked about this technique in a previous post about how to debug the beginning of Windows services. com Sep 24, 2007 · WinDbg takes a very long time to process module load events, and it is using max processor time (spinning) on one CPU. awatch [-l |-location] expr [thread thread-id] [mask maskvalue] Set a watchpoint that will break when expr is either read from or written into by the program. 1 Data type of the PEB structure is _PEB which can be viewed in WinDbg using the dt command Using WinDbg, you can set breakpoints in source and assembly code, When your program attempts to delete the allocation, the system will check the. Jul 14, 2020 · Rather than stepping through every line of code, you can use another type of breakpoint to pause the code closer to the probable location of the bug. Click Breakpoints on the Edit menu to display or control breakpoints. BeingDebugged flag, this is in case a reverser sets a breakpoint or patch the said API. foreach ( place { !showexports ollydbg } ) { bp place } 0:000> bl "*z*" 0 e Disable Clear 00406938  You can remove the breakpoint by using the Remove Breakpoint option. CodeMachine Kernel Debugger Extension. I mostly use kd/cdb which don't have workspaces. 0:011> bp notepad!ShowOpenSaveDialog 0:011> g. Best ever free blog on: C, C++, VC++, . WinDbg go up (gu) without hitting any other breakpoint. Basically, I want to launch an app through user mode debugger, hit a breakpoint in UMD, break into KMD, set a kernel breakpoint and go. exe”, “Please perform a step-into for this debugged process”, and so on. What i am doing is , I do an Open Exectuable -> of the EXE and open the source file of my DLL and try to set breakpoints. (my driver is NT style driver which can be loaded dynamically by user mode CreateService, CreateFile,. However, there are several kinds of PCI bus problems that can cause this. To add or remove a condition for a previously set breakpoint, use the. h" #include "windows. b) Alternatively you can use !heap -p -all to get addresses of all _DPH_HEAP_ROOT's of your process directly. Visual C++ Debugger. This is not a line based breakpoint but looks like a manual call to DebugBreak () like in the following program: #include "stdafx. If you want to remove these breakpoints, just type the the following:. One is a PCI interrupt storm, where a device interrupts continuously. The key is to use GFlags and configure it to start and attach the debugger you want as soon as a process starts: Don’t forget to remove this setup by unchecking the Debugger check box You set a breakpoint for a DLL load in WinDBG by using the following command: sxe ld:DLLNAME. The ability to set breakpoints is a basic debugging requirement. The Sandbox is running a WinDbg debugger stub server, which can accept commands such as “please start debugging calc. By the way for . The functions we will use to change permissions are all  19 May 2003 Types of Breakpoints Supported by Visual SoftICE . If a statement or call spans multiple lines, WinDbg sets the breakpoint on the last line of the state 23 May 2017 The bd command disables, but does not delete, previously set breakpoints. I'm using windbg 6. NET Core we also need to load SOS extension but the command for loading differs from . 17 Jun 2020 A walk through of how hardware and software breakpoints work, how they are configured z1,addr,kind, Remove Hardware Breakpoint at addr  It allows setting and removing breakpoints, stepping through execution, exploring stack traces, etc. – be number : Enable breakpoint identified by number. WinDbg Scripts. com Sep 26, 2011 · I am not able to hit the break point in Windbg with virtual images in windows xp. Type "gflags. WinDbg also supports kernel debugging and source level debugging. FiddlerCap to Fiddler is what ADPlus is to windbg: it allows you 1 Feb 2009 5) Debugger markup language (DML) 13) Breakpoints. windbg. eXoDia let me know that now x64dbg is distributed together with the necessary runtime DLLs. 2 Flow control; 7. Just copy and paste the IDA address value and it works just fine. [arg1] Name or address of the breakpoint to disable. Close that RDP window. I've found many techniques on the web to do so; apparently SOS is smart enough to defer the breakpoint until the module has been loaded. This problem is especially noticible when you are working with programs that have a very Oct 25, 2020 · Second, the WinDbg team added a timeline feature which allows us to visually see function calls, breakpoints, and memory accesses through the lifetime of the program. I try to set a break point _after_ I start application so it loads my device driver on target machine. dll System. The bc command permanently removes previously set breakpoints from the system. Step 5: Set a line-of-code breakpoint. when it breaks in, set a breakpoint at your DriverEntry routine; Later, you can go to Device Manager and remove the device (or delete the & 25 May 2018 I just set 465 bps in no time 0:000> bl 0:000> . You can open the Breakpoints dialog box by choosing Breakpoints from the Edit menu or by pressing ALT+F9. 1 Misc; 7. in case  мыши на кнопку Insert/Remove Breakpoint и щелкните левой кнопкой мыши. 20 Mar 2017 If you catch it in DLL, set a breakpoint on access to the entire on memory. – bp `module!source. Updated 30-Sep-2016: Mr. Enable all bps. I want to set breakpoint at its DriverEntry. break * N: adds a breakpoint at address N: break id: adds a breakpoint at the address of symbol id: break id N Mar 08, 2011 · I want to break on some Managed function in Visual Studio 2010. You will probably want to use the SOS extension for managed code and SOSEX extension for some extra features (like automatically find deadlocks). First, break in and do this: bu ppfilter!DriverEntry "bu" sets up an "unresolved" breakpoint, and is very useful. Jan 22, 2020 · WinDBG Preview has 32 breakpoint limitation for kernel mode, but when you work with your own EXDi plugin, maximum breakpoint count depends from EXDi functionality, not from WinDBG directly. Thus, if you wanted to break at a specific point in the Silverlight loading procedure, you use one of the following commands: sxe ld:npctrl. Oct 18, 2020 · Removing the Breakpoint In WinDbg, in the lower right pane, right-click the breakpoint and click Remove. Pressed F5. To the user it appears that the program paused on that instruction however the CPU actually had no idea it ever existed. When you've got a specific line of code that you want to pause on, use a line-of-code Download Citation | DBI, debuggers, VM: gotta catch them all: How to escape or fool debuggers with internal architecture CPU flaws? | Many developers try to protect their creations (malware, video 23 May 2017 bc Breakpoints. I do not use this debugger and I would not recommend using it. Figure 8 list of dlls already loaded before mscorjit. Finish installing. microsoft. 5. bd * bd # [#] [#]. Reflection. For instance, in x86 I have sub_401000, so, the corresponding breakpoint is set by bp 401000 Nov 17, 2013 · Each breakpoint listed has a number in the list. c line 20 in module. When I using a WinDBG BreakPoint. But for some reason it's not done that way. Disable bp #. sxe ld:coreclr. c:20` : Set breakpoint at source. The first command "bp" is actually putting the software breakpoint on our function (int 3) and the next command "g", which stands for go, releases the debugger control and Notepad starts executing again. Mar 26, 2011 · The real way: configure GFlags to start WinDbg. – bc number : Clear breakpoint identified by number. Enter “g” to continue execution. Disconnecting RDP If the RDP connection to your target machine hasn't timed out yet, wait for that to happen. Hi, I'm tr ying to debug a third-party app, and I need to place a breakpoint on Main(). If your dll is native you certainly can add deferred breakpoint(s) in interesting dll-function(s) at startup with bu and then move around in your native-dll. To set a breakpoint we can use the “!bpmd” command, which takes either a module and method name or a “Method Description”. 1. В любой из этих ситуаций следует предпочесть отладчик WinDBG,  15 Jan 2019 7. } The ba command in Windbg directly supports all the break conditions. Now that breakpoint will be gone from the breakpoint list. 3 Breakpoints, watch points; 7. · Well and good. WinDBG Anti-RootKit Extension. etc Win32 API functions. Delete a breakpoint set using the SetBPX command. First thing you have to do is configure your visual studio to remove the infamous “Just My Code” feature. Feb 12, 2019 · Data breakpoints are also useful when you want to know when something is added or removed from a collection. This is pretty simple, as explained in this post. 0007. bp. You don't need to use the IDE to build in order to use the debugger: Ninja is used to build Chromium and most developers invoke it from a command prompt, and then open the IDE for debugging as necessary. 21) Application Toggle source line support: enable; disable; toggle l (small letter L). If you want to remove these breakpoints, just type the the following: sxr Jun 07, 2018 · The Remote WinDbg setup is comprised of two machines: The Manager and the Sandbox. If the result is a zero value, the breakpoint isn't triggered. NET applications Note: You can also set breakpoints in the Build->Debug Menu or from the right click context menu. My host and my target are Win XP/SP2 systems linked with a null-modem cable. Having written the previous section, I can now simply say that breakpoints are implemented on the CPU by a special trap called int 3. h" int _tmain () { DebugBreak (); return 0; } Internally, the method will throw an exception. The presenter's spoken is not good, but I can assure he is working on the improvment :) > the windbg can break into the target machine when using ctrl + break, isn't it? > *IF* it is a software hang, then yes, windbg should eventually be able to break in. As the code is executed, when a breakpoint is hit, you will see a  – bc * : Clear all breakpoints. If the pending breakpoint has a zero module ID, that breakpoint applies to modules that have not yet been loaded. h" int  Have a look at the Controlling Exceptions and Events page on MSDN. Step 1: In WinDbg, File->’Open Crash Dump’, and point to the dump file. Here's what I have done so far: 1)I've set my symbol path to directory C How to set breakpoint on access to memory allowed for static variable using WinDbg ? WinDbg is attached to debugging process and SOS extension is loaded. If a bp breakpoint address is found in a loaded module, and if that module is later unloaded, the breakpoint is removed from the breakpoint list.